1. SELF-EMPLOYED: Sign up to pay your Medisave by instalments if you have difficulties in paying one lump sum

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If you are a self-employed person and have difficulties contributing to Medisave in one lump sum, why not sign up for GIRO with the Board for a hassle-free instalment plan?
Simply make an upfront payment and pay the remaining amount by monthly instalments. With your Medisave contributions kept up-to-date using GIRO, you will be able to enjoy peace of mind when you apply or renew your licence.
From: <http://mycpf.cpf.gov.sg/NR/rdonlyres/6C85409B-07BD-46C9-B994-C3E29C9889F0/0/CPF_SelfEmploy_Toon.gif>

2. Self-Employed Persons - Pay Your Medisave Promptly

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Self-employed persons who earn a yearly net trade income of more than $6,000 are required by law to contribute to their Medisave. Do you know that people who do not pay their Medisave liabilities may face court action?
If this happens, they will need to pay additional court fines. Not to mention, their image and business will be affected. Precious time will also be wasted.
From: <http://mycpf.cpf.gov.sg/NR/rdonlyres/16F08D20-9E4C-4B85-A684-2787225F0FB4/0/CPF_SelfEmploy_Toon4_COLOUR.jpg>

3. Self-employed persons: accumulate your Medisave early and don't regret later - secure a better future for yourself

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Unlike employees, self-employed persons do not enjoy medical benefits provided by employers. Therefore, it is especially important for self-employed persons like you to contribute regularly to Medisave while you are still working. Don’t leave yourself out of the Medisave scheme and face the harsh reality of huge medical expenses in unexpected circumstances.

From: <http://www.cpf.gov.sg/cpf_info/News/Self_Emp/Image/SE012006Img1.jpg>

4. The Advantage of Medisave - the benefits

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From: <http://www.hpm.org/Bilder/policy_surveys/Singapore/cartoon.gif>